Creatures To Feed EP

by Tom Thumb

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Creatures To Feed is the first of a pair of new EPs from Tom Thumb. After the kitchen sink, computer-based arrangements of the last album, We Never Die, the idea of this collection of songs was to simplify. Single takes of guitar and vocals played together are fleshed out only with guitars, piano and voices. Out of the vast bag of digital effects, only reverb is plucked. Digital editing and trickery is eschewed in favor of whole performances. It’s a purifying exercise before the second EP, Faux Romantic, in which the vast bag of digital effects in turned upside-down and shaken, with a glut of keyboards, triggered drums, and computer fun.


released March 21, 2011



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Tom Thumb Massachusetts

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Track Name: Creatures To Feed
Honestly, you made the scene, I’m impressed,
It’s the little things
we all have to grasp and relax,
and they pass, stately, through the glass,
Into vapor, into gas

Little reeds only feel but a breeze and lay out,
Every fear we will fail we’ll surfeit,
They play out,
The hours, baby, all lay out
for the coward to count until sleep

Honey, we all have creatures to feed,
Little wings, little beaks whispering at our ears,
And you hear all that they can ask,
Bits of paper, bits of glass,
on repeat
Track Name: Loose Things
Back home, I don't want to stay in this
lonesome hollow long,
Long gone, never should have strayed in this
hole hog, dog eat dog wasteland,
Never want to wait in this Cain's land,
And bleed the lamb,
Loose things, set them right,
We set those things alight

Nightfall, I don't want to stay in this
dancehall after all,
And we don't, we don't really know
when we set to roam when we'll get home
For the loose things, to set them right,
We set those things alight
Track Name: Praised
Praise god, praise life,
We used to wade waist-high
In the lake, laid low,
We saw the glare shine,
But no light would shine below

We let it flow, a cold wash,
We seek to cleanse our sins
Though they seem to cling to us,
Brother Lord, Father not,
You're half a shade and I shade my eyes
and you're forgotten

No voice, meanwhile, breaks the quiet
and the stillness of the miles

We praised god, we praised life,
We used to wade waist-high
Track Name: Unfolded Notice
Remember all the days I'd hold you,
Promises would all unfold,
You'd listen as a newborn baby,
Unknowing and unfocused, gazing

I didn't know I caught you,
Fate, in it's hold
I called you the bravest of the brave, you slay me,
Modus operandi: "Save me!"
Jesus, how'd you get so lazy?

I didn't notice,
Sleight-handed cold fish

The warmest of the blooded, boldest,
Surer than a fighter's closed fist,
Shoot it in a cup and toast it,
All this is calming,
Hoarseness and drawling

Accomplices would cop and stake you,
If one is recommended, take two,
Jesus, how do you get slaked, dude?

As soon as some kindness comes, falls away
Though you were once the only one,
We fall away
Track Name: Grey Lady
Great city, you're not mine,
Though there might come a time,
How our ears will be bent and primed
For your whispering

Great waning of the tide,
Slack, flooded or moon high,
How our glasses are raised and dried
In a tribute to you
Oh, you're a filthy liar,
Come on, tell me nice, like before

We may not speak a while,
May rise to a different smile,
Sunrise on another side of the window from you

Grey lady of the Times, obituary, classified,
Nuptial announcements or local crime,
How I look for your name,
But oh, you're not there in black or white,
But in between the lines I read more

Great city, you're not mine,
Though there might come a time
When you will summon and we will climb
On the highest to you,
Oh, you're a filthy liar,
But I might be inclined to hear the truth